About Big Weed Online Dispensary

About Us

Born in 2008 we are ust a team of youths wowed by the health benefits of cannabis and decided to be active in such an industry. We grew up selling the leaf in the corner streets of Los Angeles and decided to modernize the herb and seal them in a way that it will be easier to go through the mail in an effort to be able to distribute as much as possible. We have little or no interest in the financial benefits and only see them as a means for continuity hence we grown our herb, seal them in our Cali Tins, name them Biscotti Tins and mail them through out theĀ  states and beyond.

We grown herbs in small scale farms based in Denver CO and Los Angeles CA and all our products are indoor grown, top shelf and of high THC content. We are able to customize new strains to suit particular health needs especially to help with sex, anxiety, pain and panic attacks and poineer in oils that help with canceric sores

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